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Monday, May 09, 2005

Transportation Foibles

Apparently, Italians categoricaly hate car seatbelts and have taken to wearing seat belt T-Shirts to fool the police, according to this article on Popgadget prasing handbags made of seatbelts. Popgadget is website of Personal Tech for Women.

Female Japanese commuters are fed up with gropers and have convinced Tokyo railroad operators to provide women-only train cars. According to Reuters, Japanese men are complaining.
TOKYO (Reuters) - A stepped-up campaign by Tokyo train operators to protect women from gropers by increasing the number of women-only carriages is angering some male commuters.

Several of the Japanese capital's railway companies introduced the single-sex carriages on Monday as part of a city effort to tackle the problem of men who take advantage of overcrowding to grope female passengers.
full story

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