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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Iraqi Prison Fantasy Camp

"We're working hard to make your Abu Ghraib Fantasy Camp experience as real as safety and the law will allow."

Wonkette blogged the Abu Ghraib Fantasy Camp. Have a look. Is that twisted? Is that tasteless? Worse yet, think they'll get business? I do.

The cartoon in my previous post is sick and tasteless, I've been considering taking it down. But its not as sick or tasteless as the events to which it refers. Nor is the Abu Ghraib Fantasy Camp, to be fair.

It's hard to keep a sense of humor alive. I know you come here for a little lightness and audacity, irony or satire. So do I.

I'm saddened, angry and horrified. I don't have any great insight to offer today. Sometimes it just sucks and this is one of them.

I also know the bad times pass just like the good. Jesse Jackson says "keep hope alive" and when I don't believe myself, I believe him, Hymietown or no Hymietown.

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