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Friday, April 23, 2004

Wife of Taiwan Interior Minister Purse-Snatched

from The Australian
From AFP

THE wife of Taiwan's new interior minister was robbed at the weekend, one day after her husband Su Chia-chuan declared an all-out war to battle criminals, officials said Sunday.

Su, who was appointed interior minister earlier this month, launched the campaign Friday to tackle what he described as rampant fraud and extortion. The embarrassment came Saturday when Su's wife Hung Heng-chu, herself a former police officer, parked on a street in the southern Pingtung city.

Two young men on a motorcycle opened a door of Hung's car and grabbed her purse before speeding away. Police said they had managed to track down the duo from fingerprints found at the scene.
High officials in cars have had bad luck lately in Taiwan, hm?

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