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Saturday, May 01, 2004

This is crap

Today, I find very little, if anything, funny. I don't know whether it is my revulsion about the pictures of American soldiers tormenting Iraqi prisoners or the sense that there's little right with the world in general.
Ex-manager admits supplying drugs Former Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton has been fined £200,000 after he admitted supplying cannabis.
I've ever hardly met a manager that didn't help get their clients some weed (but usually it was the other way around). Why this man is singled out and how he came to be accused is beyond me. Is there some big secret about musicians using marijuana? A famous producer once told me that one of the most famous English rockers would not begin a recording session until his drugs were delivered, and the producer made sure that they were. Right? Wrong? I don't care. It's not anyone's business. I started bristling last month when David Crosby was busted in New York. He'd left behind a suitcase when checking out of a hotel and the bellboy who found it turned him in. What was his problem?

Personal drug use, when not connected to injurious crime, should not be a crime in itself. It is victimless. Addiction, even, should not be criminalized. It should be treated, as alcoholism is, like a treatable disease.

Animal rights activists are on my craplist today, as well. Did you hear the one about the animal rights activists in London who are creating problems for (of all things) a Batman shooting at an animal testing lab? link

I'm all for activism, but these Brits are a good example of people with no sense of proportion and too much time on their hands.

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