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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Danger and Idiocy of "liberal" columnists like Cecile Richards

This is my comment on Huffington Post in response to an anti-Palin screed by Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood (and daughter of the late Ann Richards, whom I love). A link to the offending post appears below mine. You can read it if you like, I won't propagate it here. With liberals like Cecile Richards who needs Republicans?

@Huffington Post

This column is a disgrace. Richards is the kind of cultural ignoramus that costs Democrats election after election by disaffecting moderates, offending women deeply and mobilizing the right.

First of all, calling abortion a "women's health" issue is disingenuous. Second of all, the morning after pill is not contraception, as another commenter pointed out. Third, and most importantly, the notion that abortion is the linchpin of feminist issues is an enormous and disastrous misconception (sic). There are pro-life feminists, stay at home mom feminists and feminists that would like to have sex education taught in a manner consistent with their own cultural values. They believe in equal pay, equal opportunity, abuse protection for women and children and authentic women's health issues, like more breast cancer research. To dismiss this element is to insult and marginalize a segment of the electorate, mostly in the fly-over states, that can swing an election. "Chicken voting for Col. Sanders?" [one of Richards' bon mots] Rhetoric like that is why the women you vulgarize voted for Bush's second term even though they realized it was against their economic interest.

Like her or not, Palin does, demonstrably, represent a significant portion of the women in this country, on kitchen-table issues, as a woman of achievement, as an outspoken leader of a constituency you can't just dismiss by insult.

Calling Palin an idiot makes it all too easy to demonize (what you misrepresent as) leftist, progressive and feminist thought. You're an extremist to moderates and although I agree with your end game--electing Obama and Biden-- I cannot abide by your regrettable and ultimately defeatist tactics.


This post is in reply to" Women's Health:
Yet Another Issue Sarah Palin is Out of Touch On

After the post she urges readers to "Sign our letter today -- tell Sarah Palin that she is not your candidate." And the letter itself is the height of arrogant sophistry.

Ya, you betcha. I'm steamed. And eagerly awaiting tonight's vice presidential debate.

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