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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama fans hosed big time- text messages? Ha!

If you fanned Obama on FaceBoook you were promised a text message announcing the candidate's veep pick before the major media was informed. What a scam! The media announced that Obama picked Joe Biden around midnight and the FB announcement didn't appear until after 3am -- text messages were way behind media announcements. The Obama campaign data-mined 1.3 million Obamorons on FaceBook, and failed to deliver the payoff. And the hapless FB Barackoids are going to have to live with Obamaspam from now on. I bet the mobile phone service providers just love this windfall. And no, I didn't sign up, I saw this one coming. Once again the bamaheads who think that a new kind of politics is in the offing were hosed, a trickle that will become a downpour.

That aside, Biden is a great candidate for vice president. This is a good ticket.

I am one Hillary Clinton supporter who thinks she would not have been the right choice for veep. Frankly, I think she qualifies for a much better job. VPOTUS has but two duties under the constitution; To replace the president in case he or she cannot fulfill his or her term and to break a tied vote in the Senate. Thats it, that's all. All other vice presidential functions are at the sole discretion of the president. So a veep can be given an empty desk, if the president so desires. The Cheney phenomenon, where he is essentially a shadow president is strictly a Bush administration prerogative. And one of the worst turn of events in the course American history.

More later.

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