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Monday, September 29, 2008

Huck's a Hit!

Channel surfing late night Sundays is practically always futile, if you're not following football. It's a TV dead zone. So I am as amazed as I am delighted to report the discovery of a new show, Huckabee on Fox. Yes, that Huckabee, the former Governer of Arkansas, ordained Baptist Minister and former Republican presidential candidate. It's scheduled for primetime Saturday and Sunday and they do another re-run on Sunday late nights. Crackpot Chronicles is pleased to report a solid winner.

On the discussion seat was not only Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the Conservative chair of the brainy daytime talk show The View, but former Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro along with a number of Fox finance experts and Conservative pundits talking about the currently explosive economic issues. It was really good. I mean really good. Funny, insightful, balanced, with a homespun feel, I can hardly recall watching something so topical and fresh. Huck is a natural, with his bumpkin persona, wisecracking intellect, and obvious respect for well-stated opposition views.

I tuned in late, but what grabbed me was a question he dropped on Hasslebeck (paraphrasing here): feminism is more about leftist agenda than it is about women these days, isn't it? I stopped plumping my pillows and sat down, stopped cold. He put into words something I've been feeling for years and never could express. It was what bristled me about all the spiteful email forwards and Liberal pundit swipes about how Sarah Palin was going to put women back 40 years. I mean really! It's a good example of the cultural ignorance of leftists that costs the Democratic Party elections again and again. Someone who can field dress a moose and has a pro-life agenda just isn't a woman, according to the left. Well, excuse me, but feminism is the interests of all women, even if they don't have common social or political values. I've seen enough anti-feminist spew over Palin to fund my ire account for a while. Panicky frantic liberal women sniping at her high heels, when Palin is perfectly capable on coming undone politically by her own efforts.

Back to the Huckabee show. It ends with a "house" band composed of the Huck himself on bass and various Fox workers; writers, techs and researchers on the other instruments, a ragtag ensemble, but perfect for the show. Huckabee plays bass guitar in his own rock-n-roll band, Capitol Offense, which has opened for artists such as Willie Nelson and the Charlie Daniels Band, and has played the House of Blues in New Orleans, the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver and for two presidential inauguration balls. Even a picky picky picky musikista like me had to grin from ear to ear.

Watch this show, if you can, even if it is a right-leaning show on a Conservative network. You might come to understand something valuable about another point of view. And you will have a good time.

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