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Sunday, February 18, 2007


China Digital Times now runs a correction saying this video is from 2002 and Danwei has a post on how not only CC, but the Washington Post--apparently-- propagated CTD's chronological error regarding this video. Jeremy, whom I know personally, usually makes more sense than anyone, and he offers a fine and elegantly measured argument against sourcing blogs without citing the source, and the perplexities of Chinese translations. CDT is indeed a blog, out of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

UPDATE: I learned from China Herald, who caught the item a day before we did, that this is an old video, posted in May of last year, not from this year's party, regardless of what CDT announced. One of his readers recognized it. So my bad, my point, somewhat obsolete, stands and I apologize for propagating some old news as if it were new.

In the U.S., CCTV means closed-circuit TV. In China, it means China Central TV. Not as big a disparity as language might indicate.

I stole this from China Digital Times, but it's too good not to pass on. I took part in several CCTV shows, staff on one show, guest several times on another, while I was in Beijing, and experienced firsthand the secret frustration of some of the most talented and conscientious of their young on-camera and production people. I was the confidante of one of their most popular talents when that major personality quit in disgust to take a high-paying job in the private sector.

Here's a satire that pretty much where's the beefs of all journalists who truly want to be journalists in China's state-overseen news media, which is a bit slow on the uptake in the reform department, that is, moving from propaganda to creative, accurate and critical reportage. As we can see, it's not for a lack of talent.

According to CDT, this was recorded at an in-house celebration for Spring Festival (the holiday period over the Chinese New Year) but I am willing to bet the farm that the "big potatoes" at CCTV won't like this being broadcast worldwide. One of the pleasures of sharing it. I'm sure I won't be the only blogger to do so. (But by dint of the fact that most of my blogging colleagues in China are sleeping right now, I might be one of the first.)

Video below.
The following are excerpts from the CCTV performers' lyrics, translated by CDT:

No news shows are not truthful
No information is not timely
No programs are not excellent
No audiences are not loyal
No interviews are not comprehensive
No recordings are not lively
No perspectives are not brand new
No live broadcasts are not done perfectly.

All these years we could only do what we've been told
Tonight let's be the master for once.

No national conferences are not successful
No sports games are not intensive
No official speeches are not important
No applause is not a thunderstorm
No festivals are not celebratory
No diplomatic meetings are not friendly
No participation is not enthusiastic
No performances are not award-winning

Oh go to hell, let's quit
Many thousands time we ask ourselves, is this the kind of life any human being can stand?

If you can't see it here, go directly to YouTube to view

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