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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sit on my lap and talk dirty to me, dolly

A report breaking out all over the net through news services as I write, says that a singing Baby Jade Bratz doll's energetic Karaoke repertoire includes the B word and the F word, according to an irate father of a six year old girl in Florida.

This hot on the heels of a claim earlier in December that a Little Mermaid doll called her three year old owner a slut. If you read the story you'll learn that no matter how hard Mattel denied it, the publisher of an independent toy guide did, with a lot of effort hear this.

Look for a crash release of competing rapper dapper dolls, this could really take off.

When I was a little girl, my lace bonnetted baby doll said mama when I tilted her, her eyelids opened and closed and sometimes she even wet her dipey when I bottle fed her. What in the world is going on? Dolls cussing, unbeknownst to their manufacturers? The mind, such as it is, boggles. Excuse me, I'm going to play some Beatles records backwards and listen for the hidden message. As soon as I can stop laughing.

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