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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Obama scores 2 big ones

JFK's daughter Caroline Kennedy and Sen. Ted Kennedy endorsed Barak Obama. By doing so they've added even more charisma to Sen. Obama's campaign for the Democratic nomination. That must've been a blow to the Clintons, who're personally and politically close to the Kennedys.

Robert F. Kennedy's kids in a passionate L.A. Times op-ed have endorsed Sen. Clinton, so even if somewhat unevenly, the Kennedy influence is nominally distributed between the two frontrunners. Sen. Ted (Edward) Kennedy said this morning on one of the A.M. talk shows that he would wholeheartedly support Clinton in the presidential campaign if she wins the nomination.

I hope they both stay in the race for as long as possible, keeping each other responsive. (Edwards as well.) While difficult and at times contentious, this does make for the broadest demands on both. For whomsoever cometh away with the Democratic nomination will have an even tougher fight on her or his hands during the run for the White House. I'm still behind the tougher fighter, because, among other things, that's what'll be needed. Other considerations nonwithstanding, Sen. Clinton has for decades stood staunchly in the face of whatever the right has slung her way.

I'm all for the politics of hope, but "hope is not a plan." And now that this monumental endorsement is in place I don't want to hear any dismissive "politics of yesterday" remarks out of the Obama camp regarding other candidates.

I plan to participate in the Maine caucus on February 10th. It's probably inconsequential; I am all but certain that the candidate will have already been selected on super Tuesday (next week!), but I've never caucused before and want to learn what it is like. I'll report here.

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