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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So much for the polls

that predicted Barak Obama to win the New Hampshire Democratic primary by double digits. From the time I started watching results come in mid-evening, Sen. Clinton was ahead, by at least 2%, and I never saw her numbers fall behind. I like all the media coverage, but media predictions are irresponsibly flawed and from all appearances, created or skewed to promote headlines, not information.

Glad it's still a horserace. We deserve no less. It's suspicious that the media was so ready to write Clinton off on the basis of Iowa, after all her fierce campaigning.

And as for McCain, he deserved this moment as well. Huckabee is a great show, but McCain has more substance, whether you agree with his positions or not.

It'll be a great campaign and a monumental election. I'm hoping the shuck factor, on all fronts, is duly diminished. You can read what you want into that.

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