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Monday, January 21, 2008

U.S. Expats: 22 Delegates at stake in the Democratic Gobal Primary

I was going to forward this email to my long list of expat friends but since most of you check in here and this might also be useful to perfect (and not so perfect) strangers, I thought I'd pass it along this way.

U.S. citizens living abroad may vote in the U.S. Democratic Party's February 5-12, 2008 Global Presidential Primary, the first ever online, worldwide U.S. election.

Nevada, South Carolina, Florida, Super Tuesday; ­soon it will be your turn to vote in the Global Primary, from anywhere in the world. For the first time in history, you can vote online, but only if you register to vote and join Democrats Abroad by January 31 at When you register you will receive a ballot, a secure ID and instructions for voting.

The Democratic Global Primary is open to any U.S. citizen living overseas who will be 18 years of age by November 4, 2008 (some 17-year olds are therefore eligible to vote) and who is a registered member of Democrats Abroad. There are no membership fees. The global primary vote will be represented by 22 delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Denver which will nominate the party's presidential candidate.

And what about your home state primary? You may vote for a presidential candidate in either the Democratic Global Primary or your state primary, but not both. (If you choose to vote for President through the Global Primary and you also receive your absentee state primary ballot, you can use the state ballot to vote for all state offices, but you must not vote for President on the state ballot.)

For practical purposes, if your state primary is scheduled for January or for Super Tuesday (February 5), deadlines may make it difficult for your absentee ballot to arrive in time to be counted. So register at and make your vote count!

Sign up today!

courtesy American Democrats in China (AmDems) Note: this is an email link.

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