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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No Chery on top, import deal blew up

This is a follow up to It's not a Chevy, it's a Chery: Chinese Cars to sell in us starting at $7K posted here last February. Apparently, the deal is off, according to a brief on Fons Tuinstra's China Herald. CH reports that the breakup was bitter, but Car Connection reports that they're just both talking to different partners.

Last year car connection reported that
GM has objected to the use of the Chery name in the U.S. because they claim it's too similar to Chevrolet, said Bricklin before a conference in Detroit where he was preparing to talk about his new import company. Chery is the name of the Chinese company that is supposed to build vehicles for export to the U.S. through a dealer network created by Bricklin.

Bricklin said only half in jest that in retaliation he and his Chinese partners are thinking of asking the courts in China to stop GM from using the Chevrolet name in China. GM and Chery are already tangled up in a court fight over the use of a vehicle design that GM claims Chery stole from GM Daewoo.
I'll bet the name was not all that GM was worried about.

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