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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Well! We made the list!

I have not been a very aggressive blogger and Crackpot Chronicles, a little over two years old, beyond having an XML feed and an Add To My Yahoo button, doesn't engage in much self-promotion, hammer on link exchanges, flame feuds (except for once when an unfortunate miscreant took a poke at my husband) or other calculated traffic building strategies. CC has never even been nominated for, much less won a blogging award. Among the small handful of blogs that link to CC are the ones I most admire and that came slowly. So, it's immensely gratifying to be on the "honorable mention" list of Danwei's Model Worker Awards. Danwei, a provocative, well-informed and irreverent look at Chinese media, spicily written and updated almost daily, is one of the China blogs I regularly read.

I also appreciate the company I'm in: The Longbow Papers (my husband Joseph Bosco's extroardinary blog), The Peking Duck, China Herald, Lawiseass, Image Thief, Bingfeng Teahouse and Simon World, to name a few.

If you really wanna know what's going on with expats in China, what we foreigners who live and experience today's China think about it, check out Danwei's award list and click through for some provocative reading. I deliberately declined to live-link most of the blogs in the previous paragraph to encourage you to visit Danwei's award post.

This is cool. Thanks, Danwei.

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