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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Organs can be removed if you die abroad (not a hoax)

Did you know this? From Deutsche Welle
Not many tourists know that in some popular destinations, organs can be removed without consent after death. ... in some countries, such as Austria, France, Italy and Spain, doctors are allowed to remove human organs without consent to save the lives of others. That doesn't exclude foreign tourists.


"After brain death has been confirmed, the victim may -- without consulting relatives -- be deboned, be exploited," said Dresden-based attorney Heinrich Meyer-Götz. "That means kidneys, liver, lungs, all the cartilage, corneas, veins -- today they can make use of almost everything. And the relatives have no opportunity to file a protest...


... if they're unable to contact a relative, doctors are allowed to remove organs without permission, according to what is known as the 'refusal regulation.'

Lawyer Meyer-Götz provides his clients with protection from having their organs removed without consent. They can apply for an extension to their passports that declares that the holder is unwilling to donate his or her organs. The information is also entered into an international refusal register.

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