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Sunday, March 20, 2005

RTFM, Mao's Orders! (Well, it might have been had personal computers been available in 1949)

From Hanzi Smatter, again, a piece of red retail hitting the Western market and this one is really hip!

Mao is holding up his little red book and exhorting the geek-speak acronym for "Read the Effing Manual!"

I had to take down the post on the skull purses with the silly commie logo in Chinese, because, well, they were just too ugly. I mean they were u-g-l-y. How ugly were they? Uglier than a two headed lamb.

As we used to say on Compuserve, ROF,LMAO.
(Showing my authentic claim to geekdom, there.) Ten points if you know that acronym.

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