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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Coming soon to U.S. Highways: Chinese Cars?

This week, reports of two U.S. businessmen, each having deals with different Chinese automobile manufacturers (and by extension the Chinese government) who are looking to import inexpensive Chinese cars to America, appeared in American newspapers. One of them who has tried this before with catastrophic results, believes the time is ripe to attempt it again. The other, who imported the ill-fated Yugo, hopes the future of the Chinese made car will fare better.

From CNN, Plan to bring Chinese cars to U.S.
and from USA Today Inexpensive Chinese cars on way soon?

Both stories cite problems each entrepreneur has had in previous car import endeavors, indicating that while Chinese cars might inevitably enter the U.S. market, the road ahead, at least in the near term, is likely to have some potholes.

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