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Friday, September 03, 2004

Biking Brit Back on his Way Across China

The hapless biker whose ride was rudely stolen by a Mongolian horseman in the middle of the night--his plight previously blogged here-- got new wheels and continues his amazing journey. Good luck, Genochio!
Briton to resume Mongolian ride
From AFPSeptember 03, 2004

A Briton on an epic bike ride to China was preparing to resume his journey on Thursday following an enforced hiatus when a horse-riding Mongolian thief stole his treasured bicycle.

Edward Genochio, 27, was left stranded near the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator last month after the thief attached the bike to his horse and galloped off, also taking half the traveller's tent, to which the bicycle was locked.

Mongolian police later retrieved the bike, but after being dragged along rocky ground behind the horse it was too badly damaged to be rideable.

After his plight was reported in newspapers around the world, US-based bikemaker Marin offered Genochio a free replacement, which now has been shipped out to the British Embassy in Mongolia.

Genochio, who had been waiting in Ulan Bator for a Chinese visa, now hopes to be back in the saddle in the coming few days to begin a trek across the Gobi Desert into China, Britain's domestic Press Association news agency said.

After setting off in April from his home in Devon, southwest England, Genochio has ridden 16,000km through 14 countries en route to his final destination of Shanghai.

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