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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Crackpot Cautionary: Don't Scapegoat China, Kerry NO APRIL FOOL!

I have posted this as a comment on John Kerry's blog site and I repeat it here. I'm for John Kerry. I'm against a continuation of the Bush Administration. This is not about criticizing Kerry, but an aspect of his campaign that I am certain will fall under much more visible and much more effective attack than mine. If you agree, why not mosey over to Kerry's campaign blog and post your own thoughts on this.

Kerry is much too educated and intelligent to really believe that blaming oursourcing for America's sagging economy and scapegoating China in this respect is an authentic linkage that will stand over time. Those are crackpot ideas and as much as I love crackpots, I am loath to see the presumptive Democratic candidate for president framed as one over this issue, which will surely happen, unless he re-evaluates his campaign course.

I just have to say this: It is so counterproductive and shortsighted to blame outsourcing for U.S. economic problems and in particular, to position China as an enemy in this respect. Basic logic, forget basic economics, begs the question: why are jobs outsourced and who is responsible? Jobs are outsourced to keep production expenses down, offer goods and services at lower prices, and bigger profits, all of which, in the end benefit the American economy. This fuels the economies of other nations who eventually become American customers! There are some short term job losses but this cycle is inevitable. I say this not to criticize Kerry, whom I wholeheartedly support, but to beg that the campaign position on this be more enlightened. Yes, create jobs! But villifying outsourcing is a very vulnerable position to take, as there is an upside that outweighs the downside and at the end of the day it is an inevitable element of globalization. I appeal to John Kerry, his advisors and the campaign collateral resource creators to rethink their approach on this situation.

I have another, and more personal objection to this. I am currently living and working in China and am apprehensive about anything that alienates Sino-American relations, which are so important to both nations' future. The most important local "talk show" often expresses concern that politicians are pandering to the sensitivities of unemployed Americans by scapegoating China. This will surely backfire and I appeal to you all, particularly those in the Kerry campaign, to reconsider this issue with more perspective. When the backlash comes from editorials, economists and liberals, it's going to hurt a lot more than what the Bush administration counters with. Let's grow up and look at the whole issue.

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