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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Whatever Could he Have Done?

But Chinese women are usually so docile and modest....

I didn't read this in the Beijing edition of China Daily, but I guess Hong Kong, being closer to Guangdong, had more interest in this item.

Woman ran down street naked to punish husband

Story filed: 10:19 Wednesday 24th December 2003

A Chinese woman got her own back on her husband after a row by running down the street stark naked.

Ai, 40, from Guangzhou, staged her nude run at 1pm, reports the Hong Kong edition of China Daily, quoting the Southern Metropolis News.

Her husband ran behind, apologising to passers-by and begging his wife to come home.

Ai, who sells fruits at a local bazaar, reportedly caused a heavy traffic jam and refused to put her clothes back on until police arrived.

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