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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ellen Sander's Classic Rock Readers

Databirds Studio Inc is pleased to announce the first three Kindle editions of Ellen Sander's Classic Rock Readers. Please check them out at Ellen Sander's Classic Rock Readers on Kindle

Or, use the links in the sidebar to your left. These are the first three volumes of what will eventually be about 12 Classic Rock Readers, which are annotated collections of magazine articles written during and about rock's finest hour.

You don't need a kindle to get these books.  You can get the free Kindle reader/app for any device from the Amazon website or from the iTunes store or the app store for your Android, etc.


Plaster Caster!  Hilarious super groupie adventures in rock 'n' roll weinerland:

Rock and Roll Womanhood: How rock in the classic rock era affected womanhood. Interviews and essay.

The Lifestyle that Rock Unleashed and other articles from rock's golden age:

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