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Friday, September 21, 2012

Essence of U.S. Election Politics in Under an Hour

When Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown debate for the senate seat in Massachusetts (yesterday), they both make a good case for their side of the dichotomy of values emerging from the 2012 campaign.  Warren (D), a consumer rights and corporate responsibility warrior, acquits herself admirably in the face of some hefty challenges from Scott (R),  a moderate conservative, who won Ted Kennedy's seat from the Democrats in 2010 by confronting liberal arrogance.

This is the best kind of political debate where each side made substantial arguments on painfully relevant issues. I prefer Warren, but can also see why a lot of Republicans thought Brown won.  Got an hour to feel like there are some competent pols in contention?  For some relief from the usual political clown car?  Watch, or even just listen to this. 

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