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Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt's peaceful people's coup

I wrote the previous post on Egypt's populist uprising before violence broke out, but that violence, by pro-Mubarak thugs trying to provoke a fiasco, failed. The protests remained peaceful through even Mubarak announcing yesterday that he wouldn't resign. But by today, he finally got it; he was done, stick a fork in it.

Sweet: Swiss banks are freezing any assets they can ascribe to him. While his country struggled, he looted the treasury and collected billions in corruption. But no matter how his government deprived his people, some managed to get educated, to get on the internet and to organize a successful revolution on Facebook. The second millennium has shown it's colors.

I was so happy to be home and watching TV when it happened. I feel so fortunate to have watched Tahrir Square in Cairo erupt in celebration and triumph. We heard they were dancing in the streets of Alexandria. I cried and cried to see such a vehement victory of peace and persistence over a 30 year old autocrat and his corrupt regime.

By now everyone has seen it. Though, curiously, and what a surprise, Xinhua, the state run media of China, does not mention the 18 day protest when it reports the resignation of Mubarak. They have nothing to worry about. Cairo is not Beijing. But the mentality of the Chinese leadership has not caught up with the world they're emerging into.

However, in the rest of the Mideast, tyrants must be nervous tonight. And for good reason.

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