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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


It's phenomenal what the Egyptian people have done peacefully and without the electronic connectivity that their tottering government has deprived them of. Even though the repercussions of the Egyptian uprising are unsettling, particularly in the case of Israel's security, it's a phenomenon that is hard not to admire and support. You go, Egypt! Claim your destiny!

I am reminded of being a little girl in school and learning about the Hungarian student uprising, which was brutally obliterated by the Soviet Union. The teaching point, as was to be expected in the cold war era, was how fearsome the Soviet Union was and how vigilant we must be not to fall under their domineering power. But that wasn't my nightmare, somehow. All I could think of was: "Those kids! What about those kids? What happened to them?" It was a defining moment in my sense of my world and it informed how my politics and sensibilities developed.

I believe and hope that all despots are soberly reconsidering their citizenry tonight, reconsidering them with deep apprehension.

I understand why President Obama and Secretary Clinton have to tread carefully and I don't castigate their efforts to maintain as realistic a diplomatic position as possible. This is not "our" fight, but it will affect us significantly, however it turns out. It is mortifying to read the "Made in USA" label on the tear gas canisters, a picture frequently broadcast. We made our deal with the devil, no doubt about it and at the time it was worth what we got -- a relationship with a strong Mideast ally that had a peace treaty with Israel. But on the upside, today Google made available Talk to Tweet technology that it developed over the weekend (!) to provide workaround connectivity to the Egyptian people as they stand united for a different leader and a better future.

You go, Egypt! Way to shake things up. If I have to pay a lot more for gas and heating fuel because of it, so be it. You're worth it.

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