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Sunday, November 21, 2004

On Being Blue

Blue Movies (enjambments)


blue demise

the complexion
of the resting corpse
like marble
or wound-deep ice.

death's pale shadow
peaceful on the flesh
our last earthly presentation:
an exquisite shade of blue


blue cool

sapphire fingered jewels
waved w/ smoky indication
in the bistro and
the kind of jazz that
imprints new
electric blue
circuit streams that
neon rainbow trout can swim in


blue day

started out knowing
that nothing will change
hanging on crumbs of hope
that blow away in the wind
scooped up by rollicking birds
my moody, broody
shredded resignation fades
to blue


blue streak

whambam pop
techno tempest
torrents rip monsoon dunes
unbelieving cobalt pain
too fast to feel


deep blue

your eyes at low tide
the ocean is careening
dark skies moan
hermit crabs catch
scallops in winks
and probing glances

azure do love you


blue flash





nuzzle and nibble them in
suck and sneakslipping sweetness
tasty little knobs
turn me blue
rolling around
pressing between tongue and palate
rocking slightly
they tremble before
they burst

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Ellen says hey
Mainer, New Yawka, Beijinger, Californian, points between. News, views and ballyhoos that piqued my interest and caused me to sigh, cry, chuckle, groan or throw something.

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