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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Horse Sense Economics 101.7

Never allow your paid subscriptions or membership to ANYTHING to continue on "Auto Renew!" When your term runs out they will most likely contact you with a substantially reduced price.

(The only exception I'd make is insurance, but it never hurts to call your broker just before the renewal date and ask if there's a better deal available.)

If you subscribe or are a member of anything, online or otherwise, that requires annual payment, go to that web site and disable automatic renewal. If you can't do that easily, as I couldn't with a software product I used to use, call their support number and make them do it. I used to get dinged for all sorts of things I didn't really want to continue until I finally got serious about controlling it. When I had to go on a recession budget, it really made a difference. Not to mention relief on the irritation factor front.


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