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Thursday, February 16, 2006

From New York

As you may have read on the Longbow Papers (where there's more news), my mom passed away peacefully in her sleep, at 96 and we are in New York now, staying at her lovely small apartment 10 stories overlooking Second Avenue. Each day I use some of her things, it is so bittersweet and wrenching. When she was alive, I couldn't stay here because its too small, especially with the wheelchair, hospital bed and O2 equipment. But now, I am her guest, using up her coffee, folding her towels, buying lavasch for the table, white grape juice, brie and salami for the fridge.

One of the finest moments of my life was delivering her eulogy at her funeral. She was so inspiring. There is more about her on the family page of my main website.

Tears come in flashfloods.

New York is wonderful.

Joseph is resting peacefully after his second endoscopy.

Love to you all. Cherish life.

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Mainer, New Yawka, Beijinger, Californian, points between. News, views and ballyhoos that piqued my interest and caused me to sigh, cry, chuckle, groan or throw something.

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