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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Coolest Chairs in China, perhaps the world

The Hindustan Times credits this story to "China Morning Business View" (which I can't find) and the pictures are from Ananova. This is about the coolest development in furniture that I've ever seen, eco-logical, beautiful, inventive, creative and cleverly Chinese.

This of course might not have the estimated 2,000 furniture plants now operating in China (source: shaking in their 靴 at the competition. And Mr. Wu might be in for a hard time enforcing his patent as well. Be those things as they may, all part of the fascination of watching China develop. Not only are they modernizing at an amazing pace, but evolving "roots" customs as well. Mr. Hu rates high as a cool Crackpot. And I really want a set of these chairs!

Chinese man grows chairs

A Chinese man has patented his technique for growing his own wooden chairs.

Mr Wu, from Liaoning City, Shengyang province, moulds branches into shape while the tree is still growing. He uses elm trees which are pliant and do not break easily, reports the China Morning Business View.

Mr Wu, who's in his 60s, says it takes him about five years to grow a tree chair, from saplings to the finished article.

As the 'chair' grows, he constantly trims and guides it into shape before the chair is finally harvested.

Mr Wu has one tree chair in his home, which he harvested last September, and six more growing in his field. He hopes that one day people will be able to grow all of their furniture instead of having to buy it from a store.

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