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Friday, October 03, 2003

Assume the Position, save your bluejeans

On a website for the unrepentant overendowed, an item from the advice column:

Dear Aunt Agony:

All of my jeans wear out in the very same place - between my thighs. I'm tired of spending all my money only to have pants wear out in two months. What should I do?

Bare Thighs
Dear Thighs:

Auntie has two suggestions: First, leather patches in strategic places will not only wear better than cheap cloth, they'll feel better, too. (Ooh, leather!)

Second, try spending more time engaged in activities that don't require your thighs to meet.

For more on the joys of obesity, surf to Fat!So?. It's one of the hippier sites on the web, not to mention that they moon you good and proper when you arrive. Talk about in your face! I love it.

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